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Abdullah Nasir Almousa Est.

Abdullah Nasir Almousa Est. for Trade, contracting and maintenance is a pioneer foundation that specializes in the field of water solutions. It has more than 47 years’ experience in the domain of wells and submersibles. The company regroups a large number of engineers, technicians and managers. It has agreements with the biggest international pumps companies and provides high quality products. This makes it able to guaranty satisfaction for both its investors and its clients.
As for its contracting branch, it excels in the fields of water pumps and electric panels. It carried out many water purification projects in the KSA. It executes, operates and maintains well, reservoir and water network projects. It produces, operates and maintains purification stations through Reverse Osmosis System. It constructs, operates and maintains sewerage and industrial water purification stations as well as chemical integrated treatment for cooling tower and heaters. Moreover, it provides equipment for water treatment and its chemical requirements. In addition to consultancy and technical services for its clients.

National Water Works Co.

NWWC was established in 2008 thanks to the remarkable efforts that succeeded to combine 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of pumps with 45 years of experience in the trade of water equipment. The company is specialized in the water systems making it possible to bring water from sources to end points. It possesses 13 dealerships with some of the most famous international companies working in the water and pumps equipment. It has built about 300 pumping stations thanks to its 25 years’ experience in management in this field. Today, it is number one national company for water and pumping works for public and private projects.

Saudi SDN, Water Energy Co., Ltd.

SDN is one of the companies owned by Al Mousa group. It has been working in the field of water for 47 years. Its history is a mix of consecutive struggle and success. It achieved a lot of projects in the fields of wells, water, sewerage, electricity and control systems. It managed to enlarge its presence in many regions of the KSA and represents many of the international companies. It provides solutions for wells drilling, irrigation, sewerage, lifting stations, water purification, fire systems, cables, steel tubes, welding collars and control panels.  As well solutions in the fields of industry, mining, oil and air conditioning.

Technical Selection EST.

TS is specialized in supplying and assembly of water equipment that includes surface and submersible pumping systems for wells, valves and tubes. It also provides all necessary equipment for sewerage treatment. The company is committed to proposing the newest technologies in the fields of water and energy. It does its best to present the best trademarks available on the world’s scale.

Al Mousa, Industrial Projects

Al Mousa, Industrial Projects built itself to be a distinguished player in the spare parts market in the field of heavy equipment. It provides high quality spare parts from most of the international trademarks for all heavy equipment and production lines. It can also provide military spare parts. Inspire of its small size, the company found itself in competition with the biggest companies working in the KSA. It aims to achieve more expansion and evolution and meet your expectations with more efficiency.


Nfoud is specialized in the following domains: Operation and maintenance for water purification stations and water networks. Maintenance for groundwater wells. Operation and maintenance for sewerage stations and networks. Mechanical works, including assembly of pump chambers and water pipelines installation with various types and diameters. Electricity works, including design, cables installation and distribution and control panels.


TDS is a company specialized in technical and consultancy services in the fields of water, hydraulics, environment and engineering. It provides the most recent technologies in the above fields, including: hydraulic, geophysical and geological studies. As well as aqua data management, well drilling services, maintenance, geophysical photography and supplying and assembly of well surveillance equipment.

Al Mousa Foundation for Electric Generators

Al Mousa Foundation for Electric Generators is specialized in supplying electric generators with various capacities. As one of Al Mousa Group companies, it has advantages over its competitors thanks to its experience and its extensive network of agents that covers all the regions of the KSA. Its products come from well trusted international manufacturers and designed to meet high quality criteria. It also provides special products for special requirements and capacities.

Global for water pumps

Global for water pumps is one of the pillars of Almousa Group. It was established in 2016. It specializes in the field of supply and assembly of submersible pumps with various capacities, as well as lateral requirements like cables and control panels. The company started with a major branch in the region of Hael, providing services to the agricultural and water fields. Later, it opened a new branch in the region of Al Aflaj, covering the needs of the southern part of the Kingdom.